Lucrecia Diaz

Sydney ( Australia ). She has also lived in Colombia , Chile, Spain and Germany. Movement, expression, effort and feeling constitute the visual language that Lucrecia Diaz, artist and photographer, tries to capture through her lens.

Diploma in Photography, Catholic University of Santiago de Chile, and a Masters in Photography,Barry University in the United States.
She's photographed, among others, the MIAMI CONTEMPORARY DANCE COMPANY, the MIAMI CITY BALLET, the ANTONIO GADES COMPANY in Spain, NEXT STEP DANCE, DANCE BRAZZ and the Miami Symphony Orchestra. Her work has been exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami (MOCA), the Public Library Key Biscayne (Fl, USA), the Jack Barry University Gallery, the Consulates Colombia and Brazil in Miami and the Miami International Biennale Artist Exhibition in 2012.
She's published in collaboration with the Miami Contemporary Dance Company the " Miami Contemporary Dance Calendar - Water & Sky ." This project was the result of five years of collaboration. In it they shaped the effort and the physical beauty of the dancers, through the natural beauty of the city of Miami as a backdrop.