Agreements with photographers

Conditions for the sale of images on


Sending images to BALLETPICS.NET is performed based on the following conditions that the PHOTOGRAPHER accepts without reservation:

01 The PHOTOGRAPHER gives BALLETPICS.NET the right to show and sell images online through platform. The images are sold as follows: shipment of reproductions (positive).

02 Rights obtained by BALLETPICS.NET are not exclusive.

03 BALLETPICS.NET commits to preserve the intellectual and commercial property of the PHOTOGRAPHER. 

04 The PHOTOGRAPHER has the right to choose which images will be marketed on These images will not be affected by rights of third partiy (person or company) that may condition or restrict exploitation. The PHOTOGRAPHER has exclusively the responsibilities that follow from claims for this reason, making BALLETPICS.NET exempt from any liability. 

05 BALLETPICS.NET has the right to select a part of the images chosen by the PHOTOGRAPHER. 

06 The PHOTOGRAPHER will submit the pictures by attaching it to an e-mail, or uploading through cloud computing services. 

07 The images must be provided in high enough resolution to be printed in a high quality, and with the signature of the photographer. 

08 The PHOTOGRAPHER enables BALLETPICS to include the web address, in a discreet place of printing

09 The PHOTOGRAPHER will get paid for each photo sold on In the event that no sales are made, no payment will be generated.

10 BALLETPICS.NET will send to the PHOTOGRAPHER the summary of sales. Then, the PHOTOGRAPHER will send the corresponding invoice, in order to be paid by bank transfer.

11 The PHOTOGRAPHER guarantees under its responsabilty that he is available to issue invioces.

12 BALLETPICS.NET receive the amounts in compensation for the costs of marketing, management, production and shipping. The PHOTOGRAPHER agrees with the retail prices of their images BALLETPICS.NET establishes, publishes and updates on the website 

13 BALLETPICS.NET has the right to publish the PHOTOGRAPHER images in, with the BALLETPICS.NET corporate watermark.

14 BALLETPICS.NET may present the PHOTOGRAPHERS images in other digital and analog platforms, in order to promote platform (such as social networks, websites, blogs, forums, digital magazines and paper, etc.).

15 This partnership between the PHOTOGRAPHER and BALLETPICS.NET has an initial term to Decembrer the 31st, and shall be automatically renewed on an annual basis. The PHOTOGRAPHER can communicate by e-mail to the intention to cancel the auto-renewal, before December the 1st. 

16 BALLETPICS.NET reserves the right to terminate the agreement by notifying the PHOTOGRAPHER by sending an e-mail to the provided address.

17 With the termination of the relationship, BALLETPICS.NET will lose all rights granted by the PHOTOGRAPHER. 

18 The PHOTOGRAPHER ensures that sent images are not conditioned for image rights which may hinder or prevent the use for the purposes of service BALLETPICS.NET offers. BALLETPICS.NET is exempt from any liability for claims for invasion of the right of self-image. As BALLETPICS.NET can not verify that the PHOTOGRAPHER is authorized by recognizable people in the images, BALLETPICS.NET understand and assume that the PHOTOGRAPHER acts properly, honestly and responsibly. In case of the contrary, the PHOTOGRAPHER indemnify BALLETPICS.NET for any damage caused by this issue.